Industrial & Academic Collaborations

Collaborations with the industrial partners (in research papers, projects or project proposals, and master or bachelor theses):
Genedata (Biopharmaceutical R&D.) - Switzerland2024-01-Today
Terraview (Agriculture) - Switzerland2021-05-Today
Stadler Signalling AG (Mobility) Switzerland2022-05-Today
ANYbotics ( autonomous robot dog) Switzerland2021-10-Today
LEDCity - (AI-based optimization of lighting systems) Switzerland 2021-12-Today
BeamNG (Simulation for self-driving cars) Germany2020-06-Today
ARQUIMEA - (Autonomous vehicles) Spain 2020-02-Today
BOND (e-bike company) Switzerland2019-10- till 2021
Helio (Computation) Switzerland2019-10-Today
Siemens Healthcare GmbH (e-Health) Germany2019-05-Today
Intelligentia S.r.l. (Aerospace)Italy2020-01-Today
AICAS GmbH (Automotive) Germany2020-01-Today
Q-media s.r.o. (Railways) Czech Republic2020-01-Today
Unparallel Innovation LDA (Water-smart systems) Portugal2019-01-Today
smide - - ebikes Switzerland2019-01- till 2020
The Open Group (open, vendor-neutral technology standards and certifications) Belgium2019-01-Today
Siemens AG (DevOps technology provider)Germany2019-01-Today
GMV - (Aviation) Spain2019-01-Today (Aerospace) (Italy);2019-01-Today
Red Hat (Devops) Switzerland2018-Today
Haidar Osman (Senior Data Scientist - Swisscom, Switzerland);2018-Today (Devops) Switzerland2018- till 2019 (Devops)Austria2018-Today
Daniele Romano (Devops) (ING Netherland);2017-Today
Junji Shimagaki (Sony Mobile Communications);2016- till 2018

Ph.D. Students or Research Assistants
He mainly works (or worked) with:
Prasun Saurabh (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2023-06-today
Al-Ameen Mohammed Ali Mohammed (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2023-10-today
Susana Soriano (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2023-10-today
Nechita Teodora (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2022-08-today
Arianna Blasi (Università della Svizzera italiana);2021-01-Today
Nataliia Stulova (University of Bern);2021-2022
Gabriela Lopez (Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2021-06-to 2023-03
Sajad Khatiri (Zurich University of Applied Science, PhD student);2021-01-today
Christian Birchler(Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2021-01-today
Susovita Soumya(Zurich University of Applied Science, research assistant);2021-01 till 2021-04
Nicolas Ganz(Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2021-01-today
Diego Martin(Zurich University of Applied Sciences, research assistant);2018-2019
Emanuel Stoeckli(University of St. Gallen);2018-2019
Pooja Rani(University of Bern, PhD student);2018-Today
Christoph Laaber(University of Zurich);2018-2020
Fiorella Zampetti (now postdoc) (University of Sannio);2017-Today
Giovanni Grano(University of Zurich, PhD student, SURF-MobileAppsData);2017-2020
Carmine Vassallo(University of Zurich, PhD student, SURF-MobileAppsData).2017-2020
Adelina Ciurumelea(University of Zurich, PhD student, SURF-MobileAppsData);2016-2018
Carol V. Alexandru(University of Zurich, PhD student, Whiteboard);2015-today

For more information about all advised students (or researchers) see the page: Teaching and advised students (or researchers)

Senior Researchers and Professors that Collaborate (or Collaborated) with him:
Postdocs, Senior Researchers, or Applied Researchers:
Fiorella Zampetti(University of Sannio);2017-Today
Sasa Miladinovic HES-SO Valais-Wallis, Switzerland;2023-05-Today
Diane de Zélicourt University of Zurich, Switzerland;2022-05-Today
Giovani Guizzo University College London, UK;2021- to 2023-06
Anand Sawant University of California, Davis;2020-2022
Ritu Kapur(University of Sannnio, Italy);2021-2022
Pooja Rani(University of Zurich, PhD student);2018-Today
Pouria Derakhshanfar Delft University of Technology, Netherlands;2021-2022
Anand Ashok Sawant(UC Davis);2020-Today
Rafael Kallis Data scientist and engineer & Guest researcher at ZHAW - ;2019-Today
Leonardo Militano (Zurich University of Applied Sciences);2019-Today
Sean Marphy (Zurich University of Applied Sciences);2019-Today
Alessio Gambi(IMC University Of Applied Sciences Krems);2019-Today
Christoph Mayr-Dorn(Johannes Kepler University, Linz;2018-Today
Sebastian Proksch(Delft University Technology);2018-2019
Karina Villela(Fraunhofer IESE, applied research);2018-Today
Emitza Guzman(University of Zurich);2015-2017
Myra Cohen(University of Nebraska, USA);2023-Today
Paolo Arcaini (National Institute of Informatics, Japan);2023-Today
Andrea Di Sorbo(University of Sannio, Italy Advised during the PhD);2015-Today
Patricia Lago (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands);2023-Today
Ivano Malavolta (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands);2023-Today
Vincenzo Riccio (University of Udine, Italy);2020-Today
Alessandra Gorla IMDEA Software Institute, Spain;2020-Today
Alexander Serebrenik (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands);2020-01-Today
Vincent Hellendoorn Carnegie Mellon University, USA;2019-Today
Xavier Devroey (Université de Namur, Belgium);2020-01-Today
Gordon Fraser (University of Passau, germany);2020-01-Today
Prof. Mintchev (ETH, Switzerland);2020-01-Today
Aitor Arrieta Marcos (Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Spain);2020-05-Today
Prof. Scaramuzza (UZH, Switzerland);2019-Today
Dr. Bianculli (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg);2019-Today
Dr. Pastore(University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg);2019-Today
Prof. Robles (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain);2019-Today
Dr. Pastore(University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg);2019-Today
Prof., Damian A. Tamburri (Academy of Data Science, TU/e, Netherlands);2019-Today
Paolo Tonella (University of Lugano, Switzerland);2019-Today
Shaukat Ali Simula Research Laboratory, Sweden;2018-Today
Davide Taibi (Tampere University, Finland);2019-Today
Oscar Nierstrasz (UniBE, Switzerland);2018-2022
Christoph Mayr-Dorn (Johannes Kepler University, Austria);2018-Today
Timo Kehrer (UniBe, Switzerland);2021-Today
Gregorio Robles (King Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain);2018-Today
Yu Zhou(Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China);2016-Today
Taolue Chen(Birkbeck, University of London, UK);2016-Today
Andy Zaidman(Delft University of Technology, Netherlands);2016-Today
Aaron Visaggio(University of Sannio, Italy);2015-Today
Venera Arnaoudova(Washington State University, USA);2015-Today
Harald Gall(University of Zurich, Switzerland);2014-Today
Gabriele Bavota(University of Lugano, Switzerland);2013-2015
Gerardo Canfora(University of Sannio, Italy);2011-Today
Massimiliano Di Penta(University of Sannio, Italy);2011-Today
Andrea De Lucia(University of Salerno, Italy);2009-2017

For more information about all research collaborations: Publications