University of Sannio, Italy

PhD., Computer Engineering

Thesis Title: "Supporting Newcomers in Open Source Software Development Projects"
Thesis Topics: "Supporting Developers, Mining of Software Repositories (Mailing lists, Issue trackers, Versioning Systems etc.)"

July 2014

University of Salerno, Italy

M.S., Computer Science

Thesis Title: Improving IR-based Traceability Recovery Using Smoothing Filters
Magna cum Laude
Adviser: Prof. Andrea De Lucia

December 2010

University of Molise, Italy

B.S., Computer Science,

Thesis Title: Improving IR-based traceability recovery via noun-based indexing of software artifacts
Thesis Topics: Software Engineering, Traceability Management, Natural Lan- guage Processing (NLP)
Magna cum Laude
Advisers: Prof. Giovanni Capobianco, Dr Rocco Oliveto

October 2008